Start Achieving Your Goals with Mind Reset Hypnosis

Sometimes you just need to press the reset button when things aren't working out.

If you've been struggling to complete deep work, get more done and achieve your goals, then this community of high performers may just be the thing you have been looking for.

Do You Struggle With Finding A Balance?

Many leaders, career professionals, and business owners struggle to stay on top of their goals while balancing family, interests, and wellness.


Do you constantly feel like you're just going through the motions and not getting anything done? I can increase your productivity and help you achieve more.


Do you find yourself easily distracted and lacking motivation? I can help you harness your focus and drive so you can think clearly and make decisions faster.


Do you struggle with low confidence and self-doubt? I will help you crush imposter syndrome, boost your self-esteem and help you overcome obstacles.


Are you overthinking and stressed about work/business all the time? Even when you're with family or friends, you can't switch off? I'll help you disconnect and recharge.


About Me

Hi, I'm Edmund. I've spent over 10 years working in learning & development with local and global brands to increase performance. 

What I've learned is that performance itself is a combination of several factors. 

I spend my time empowering high performers to work through the hidden barriers that are holding them back and create success habits.

Using a combination of deep mindset work, habit analysis, productivity systems, and accountability coaching clients are empowered to achieve their goals faster.



How I Can Help


Mindset Upgrade

Listen to carefully crafted mindfulness and hypnosis audios to reset your mind so you can perform at your best whenever you need to.

Reset Your Mind For Focus


Performance Hub

Expand your knowledge of mindset, stress, and completing deep work by watching videos in the performance library.

Challenge Your Thinking


Group / 1:1 Coaching

Take part in 1:1 focused or bi-weekly group accountability sessions covering mindset and goal-setting. Get more done in less time.

Elevate Your Potential

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4 Key Pillars - Mindset, Habits, Systems & Accountability

Mind Reset Hypnosis leverages scientific principles and integrates them into productive monthly activities so you can see results faster.

Whether it's 1:1 or group support you need, you'll find that in less than 30 days, you'll feel energized, more focused, and easily achieve your goals without feeling resistance.

Elevate Your Potential

Ready to throw out the excuses and get sh*t done?

All plans are billed monthly

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Mindset App
Performance Hub
All articles




Mindset App
Performance Hub
All articles




Mindset App
Performance Hub
All articles
Short courses & programmes
Monthly accountability groups
Goal tracking platform




Mindset App
Performance Hub
All articles
Short courses & programmes
Monthly accountability groups
Goal tracking platform
Group coaching
Project management dashboard
Quarterly goal planning and review sessions
 Group hypnosis sessions



I never thought hypnosis could help me to enhance my performance. How does that actually work?

Truth is neither did I until I started looking into it's application. It happened by accident for me. 

Our decisions and behaviour are influenced by our subconscious. By reprogramming the autopilot mode we're in, we start to take different decisions and feel more confident to take risks.

If you could feel more confident, more focused, and crush procrastination, what difference would that make to your productivity and results?

How do you combine hypnosis with coaching?

Not all clients want both combined. Some want one or the other. If they are being combined I work with the client to understand the behaviour they want to see realised vs the behaviour that's happening now.

So maybe you find that you love starting new projects yet hold back near the end and procrastinate. This is a form of self-sabotage and in many cases is because you're afraid of completing due to a fear of criticism.

By analysing your behaviour, I can reframe your mindset so you'll crush your to-do list without fear of criticism and then work with you in coaching sessions on how to practically complete the tasks.

By combining the two, your confidence and productivity rate will explode. 

What if it's not for me? Can I ask for a refund?

Yes of course. Ask for a refund within 14 days and you'll get your money returned no questions asked.

If you prefer you can book an interactive demo and tour.

What qualifies you to do this type of work?

Great question. I have worked as a training specialist, head of training, and learning professional for over 10 years for a range of clients.

In that time I've coached and trained teams, managers and supported a range of different projects in various sectors.

I am a member of the CIPD and TAP certified as a trainer, and have completed training as a certified hypnotist.

I was also awarded a CREA award in 2021 by BrainzMagazine and wrote for them as an executive contributor.

I've coached hundreds of business owners and high performers to increase their productivity and reduce stress. 

Why did you create Mind Reset Hypnosis?

I'm passionate about self-development. I was looking for that one special resource that could bring it all together, articles, videos, mindset resources, and accountability.

In the end, I decided to create the ideal resource hub that I knew would benefit high performers like me and the clients I was coaching.

Everyone I spoke to wanted to reduce stress, increase revenue, achieve goals and have a better balance. 

So I decided that I would create Mind Reset Hypnosis with 4 key pillars: mindset, systems, habits, and accountability.

I analysed scientific principles and used them as a foundation for monthly activities.

By making improvements in each area and then combining efforts across the 4 pillars results happen in weeks that might take months or years.

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