I help high performers to elevate their potential using coaching, hypnosis, and mindfulness.

It's no secret that stress, imposter syndrome, and lack of confidence can hold people back from making decisions & achieving their goals.

It's hard to achieve goals when you don't have them clearly defined and measured or when you're feeling resistance to taking action.

I've been described as the missing piece in the high performer's personal development plan.

I'll help reframe your mindset and hold you accountable with tracked goals in an optimised platform so you can visually see the ROI.

Who Is Mind Reset Hypnosis For?

Business Owners

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and not able to think clearly then I'm for you. I'll reframe your mindset, help you gain clarity on goals, and work with you on a roadmap.

Career Professionals

Feeling stuck in your job, worrying about what others think, and not taking action to progress? I've got you. We'll work on your career goals, an accountability plan, and reframing your mindset for success. 

Sales Professionals

If sales targets are going up and so are your stress levels, then I can help. I'll reframe your mindset to empower you to deal with stress in a calm way and work with you on a plan to achieve your sales targets.

Executives and Leaders

Leadership means taking tough decisions quickly. I can help you work on giving effective feedback and overcome paralysis by analysis so you can achieve your goals.

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About Me

I've spent over 10 years working in learning & development with local and global brands.

What I've learned is that performance is a combination of several factors. 

I spend my time empowering high performers to work through the hidden barriers that are holding them back.

Using a combination of hypnosis, mindfulness, habit analysis, and accountability coaching clients are empowered to achieve their goals faster using the C.L.E.A.R Impact model.

How I Can Help



Helpful Resources

Listen to carefully crafted mindfulness and hypnosis audios to reset your mind so you can perform at your best.

Reset Your Mind For Focus


Training & Events

Watch live events, recordings, and tutorials to learn tips & strategies on how to get ahead in your career on any device.

Challenge Your Thinking


Personal Coaching

Book impact coaching or hypnosis calls to work on mindset or accountability using the C.L.E.A.R Impact model.

Elevate Your Potential

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 Getting Started with your SubHub Trial
 Do's & Don'ts
 Help Videos

Virtual Coaching 

You're busy. I get it. I do a lot of my work in the evenings with clients to fit around their day so they can get the development they need without impacting their work schedule.

100% virtual service. You book the time that suits and everything is synced automatically to both of our calendars. 

Building Confidence

Giving effective presentations, speaking at events, leading teams, giving difficult feedback, and stepping up to the next level can all be daunting experiences.  Not everyone is a natural extrovert and most people don't want to make mistakes. 

Take part in practical coaching sessions, use me as a soundboard and get feedback on your approach before and during the real thing.

Online Training

Lots of clients tell me they struggle to stay organised and end up procrastinating on decisions due to stress, worrying about getting it wrong or a lack of confidence.

Signup for events where we discuss how to optimize diaries, tools to stay organised, and how to reduce stress to crush your goals within deadlines without panic setting in.

Changing Minds

Sometimes doubt, imposter syndrome, or self-sabotage can hold us back. During coaching, we'll examine your habits, look at your triggers and create an accountability plan for achieving your goals based on your new habits.

We'll use hypnosis in alignment with coaching to break through doubts and release any past trauma holding you back from your potential.

Take Your Development Further


Hypnosis & Mindfulness


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Interactive App - works on any device

Access all existing and future hypnosis/mindfulness recordings for a simple monthly recurring subscription.

Create your own audio playlists and save files for offline use.




Monthly Group Coaching


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Monthly group mindset & accountability sessions with tracked goals.


All-access pass to live events & recordings.

25% discount off 1:1 hypnosis sessions.

100% off all store products.


Signature Programme


Payment Plan Options 

Banish self-sabotage, and turbocharge productivity through mindset and accountability coaching to achieve goals.

12 Week Run rate


All-access pass to live events & recordings

100% off all store products

Self-hypnosis training

12 month's access to the mindset app

Secure Payments


I never thought hypnosis could help me to enhance my performance. How does that actually work?

Truth is neither did I until I started looking into it's application. It happened by accident for me. I bumped into an NLP coach at a conference who told me how they were using it.

Our decisions and behaviour are influenced by our subconscious. By reprogramming the autopilot mode we're in, we start to take different decisions and feel more confident to take risks.

If you could feel more confident, more focused and crush procrastination, what difference would that make to your productivity and results?

How do you combine hypnosis with coaching?

Not all clients want both combined. Some want one or the other. If they are being combined I work with the client to understand the behaviour they want to see realised vs the behaviour that's happening now.

So maybe you find that you love starting new projects yet hold back near the end and procrastinate. This is a form of self-sabotage and in many cases is because you're afraid of completing due to a fear of criticism.

By analysing your behaviour, I can reframe your mindset so you'll crush your to-do list without fear of criticism and then work with you in coaching sessions on how to practically complete the tasks.

By combining the two, your confidence and productivity rate will explode. 

What if it's not for me? Can I ask for a refund?

Yes of course. Ask for a refund within 14 days and you'll get your money returned no questions asked.

What qualifies you to do this type of work?

Great question. I have worked as a training specialist, head of training, and learning professional for over 10 years for a range of clients.

In that time I've coached and trained teams, managers and supported a range of different projects in various sectors.

I am a member of the CIPD, LPI, and TAP certified as a trainer, and have completed training as a certified hypnotist.

I was also awarded a CREA award in 2021 by BrainzMagazine and wrote for them as an executive contributor.

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